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Webinar om inklusion af flygtningebørn i skole og dagtilbud

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Fredag d. 10. juni 2022
Kl. 13.00 - 16.00


Since the refugee crisis of 2015 we have increasingly been dealing with questions of how to best include children with refugee backgrounds in school and daycare. This question has most recently been re-actualized with the war in Ukraine. In a few months more than 20.000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Denmark- many of them children.
Teachers and pedagogues play a vital role in the reception and inclusion of children and families with refugee backgrounds. This can be a complicated task that requires special skills, knowledge and training.
In ITIRE -Improving teaching to improve refugee education- a transnational European Erasmus research project, we have been working on refugee education and training of practitioners from different fields. In this webinar we will focus on disseminating this knowledge and engage in dialogue with other researchers and professionals working within the field of refugee education and inclusion.
We will focus on the challenges and opportunities of working with children with refugee backgrounds in a Danish context but also include presentations from different international settings to give an insight into both local and international pedagogical strategies.
How do we best design educational practices to meet the needs of children with refugee backgrounds? How do we include them in existing communities and collectivities with peers? How do we take their experiences of war, uprooting and loss into account as professionals? How do we as practitioners ensure safe and responsive teaching environments for all students?
The webinar is hosted in collaboration with NUBU (Nationalt Center for Forskning i Udsathed blandt børn og unge) and would be of high relevance for any professional and researcher working within the field of refugee education and inclusion.
See the program of the webinar here: